Our Process


Stew is inspired by the process of transforming sheets of metal into unique pieces of art - he truly enjoys discovering the natural beauty that's hidden in the steel. He continually strives to create stunning items that truly reflect the beauty of the natural world. His goal is to provide lasting quality art that people love to display in their homes or give as gifts for others to enjoy.

"I love the process of converting raw or repurposed American steel into works of art for home décor or gifts. I give rein to my imagination to design unique items then, using a CNC machine with a plasma torch, or cutting by hand when requested, I create a rough representation of the design.

After smoothing the surface, I use special texturing tools which allow me to add the fine details that are the underlying keys to the realistic look of the product. Using heat to bring out the internal colors of the metal, or applying topical color, transforms the gray steel into living, vibrant creations.

After a final step of powder coating the art to protect it from the elements, it is ready to enhance a home or become a well-loved gift to friends or family. My desire is to improve each item, every time, and focus on creating art that brings joy to others."